All I Want for Christmas…

This is the time of year where I enter into negotiations regarding my Christmas present. I don’t know about you but I like to spend Jan-Nov mulling this one over. Born close to Christmas I feel it’s important to separate the two with two separate presents. Yes, this is the time of year where I turn from a moderately sane person into, well, PRESENT MANIA WOMAN.

Not everyone loves a backpack but I do, I really do. I have the shoulder aches, you see, and I love to walk most places (the tube and I no longer get along well) a rucksack is the best companion.

I came across Grafea and, well, Santa already got his letter from me this year. Didn’t ya bud?


Apple Crumble

After some serious deliberation I decided the Hari Collection was my abso fave and all the colours I like are £40 off. It’s clearly destiny. I had a word with Mrs. Clause and she thinks Apple Crumble’s the winner, and who am I to argue with a lady whom I hold in such high esteem?

Any such hoo, these are the others I like. Have an ogle.


Yellow_Leather_Rucksack Grafea_ROSE_Leather_Backpack

Grafea_Wild_at_Heart_Leather_Backpack Grafea_BELLE_Pink_Babby_Rucksacks_pom_pom

So, the question is, do you backpack? Or does it remind you too much for your yoof?

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