DIY Feather Pendant Light

f7c72dcec50a4890b302d388934ebfc4I’ve seen around and about feather pendant lights that look ridic dreamy and decided, seeing as I had loadsa paper pendants already in our new flat, to whip up my own.

You’ll need:

Glue gun (I know, most fun evs) Incidentally, I bought this one because it had the best review ever.

Feathers – I bought goose but I’d possibly recommend something a little softer.

Paper lantern – mine was free, I have many more if anyone wants some. They’re a little on the dusty side though…

IMG_5223Can you tell I actually used my proper camera today? I know, impressive. I got all arty with the pics.


Start at the bottom, I found putting the glue onto the feather trim was easier. If your feathers have a curl (unlike mine, grrr) you’ll want them to kick upwards.

IMG_5231Space them about an inch apart. At the top run the trim around the edge.


If you have the problem I had with straight feathers, use the back of a blunt knife to curl them, gently, as you would with ribbon.



And there you have it. Easy right?

IMG_5261Now I just have to deal with the fact that working with feathers made me wheeze like an octogenarian who has had a 65 year smoking habit. Maybe this won’t be going in the bedroom…


I added more around the middle but with the light shining through I’m thinking it’s not the best idea, fortunately I can just take a layer off.

IMG_5248Now I just need to find more things to glue…

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