The Dark Queen


Her face is beautiful yet deadly.Her magic is powerful yet untapped.Her vengeance is true yet all-consuming.They call her the Dark Queen.She will honour that name.For years, Princess Amarea was abused by the corrupt religious brotherhood that ruled her lands in her stead. The Daylarian Church permanently veiled her face to shield onlookers from the sinful curse that is her beauty.

Now, Queen Amarea craves her rightful power and swift vengeance.In a massacre known as the Night of the Blood Moon, Amarea slays the Brotherhood and reclaims her queendom from its tyrannical grip.But despite her new reputation as the bloodthirsty Dark Queen, enemies challenge her both in Maldessa and across the seas. An even darker threat stirs in the midst of her own queendom and threatens all that she loves. Amarea will have to find a way to stop the dark forces that are uniting against her and learn to wield the magic that lies dormant in her veins.Can Amarea defeat her enemies without giving in to her own darkness?

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Map of the Daeneah Realms