And so to 2015

As it’s a new year I hope you’ve all set wildly ambitious and unattainable goals. All that hope, all those dreams. A Happy New Year all the same.

Did you consume all the chocolate in your home so it wasn’t around come 2015? Yeah, me too, then we bought more. Why? BECAUSE CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST AND JANUARY NEEDS CHOCOLATE THE MOST. If ever there was a rubbish month that needed chocolate it would be January. Have I resolved to do anything in partics? No. Well, nothing different to my usual aggressively impractical ones: – finish book A, re-write book B, edit and put on play C, start company D, write pilot E. You know, the usual stratospheric to-do list items. This year instead of resolving I’m going to congratulate myself for the slightly above par things I achieve. Like, for instance, today I brought my own lunch to work (it has quinoa in it – wait, whaaat? How superbly on food-trend I am). Well done me. Yesterday I ate grapes in-between pretzels and sweets. Gold star. There’s no point in running away with ourselves and planning marathons and 5 gym sessions a week, come on people. Let’s just not pretend anymore, okay? I do hope you’re feeling refreshed and optimistic after your holiday, if you managed time off, and that you do complete the Iron Man this year (Anna, I know you actually will, again, or something similar/harder, you incredible woman, you).

Personally I’m feeling pretty sluggish and our flat jobs list isn’t shrinking; we’ve come to realise it’s a never-ending project. So, that’s where I’ve been for the past 2 weeks – feet and elbows accidentally in paint pots, paint in eyes, dust in lungs, shoulder aches from lifting, acceptance that not everything can be fixed, damp re-discovering, panic at amount of tasks ahead, proud at boyfriend’s alarm installing skills, drilling skills, shelf building skills, drinking whisky skills, waxing furniture, shredding mountains of old documents, cleaning and tidying over and over and over. Howevs, the most important thing to note is that we had it good enough for Christmas and we had the pleasure of my maternal grandmother joining us as well. Everyone was well fed and that’s the main thing.

Our kitchen and bedroom are very nearly done and so I’ll be gearing up for some room reveals soon – i.e. move everything around so it looks pretty in a picture but not at all how it is in reals. Below are some of my instagram pics of the little bits that I feel need sharing (particularly my hand painted monkey bowl, yes, painted by me).

IMG_7550 IMG_7650  IMG_7657 IMG_7660

I also need to tell you about my incredible 30th birthday present from Jules, NOT ONLY did he get me an ACTUAL mulbers purse (pic below) but he took me to ACTUAL Bruges – the prettiest little place pre-Christmas. I suppose I should do a whole Bruges post but I can’t be bothered to write twice so this is a two-for-oner.


My fave thing about Bruges, because I have some issues, was how clean it was everywhere. It made my soul weep with pure contentment and joy. The food is generally good, but expensive. The people are just so courteous, so polite and lovely. And it’s just cockle-warmingly beautiful. It was by far my favourite holiday. Below are some pics, I’d for defs recommend Sale and Pepe for food, yeah it’s Italian but it was just too good for anyone to miss.


IMG_7499 IMG_7501 IMG_7500



Oyya’s Belgian waffles were INSANITY.

And now for the less serious pictures. The largest waffle evs, the worst shop name evs and the comedy horse. There was another picture of a very graphic clay model of a woman giving birth but it haunts me and I didn’t want to bring that upon you too.

IMG_7456 IMG_7515 IMG_7480

Jules and I aren’t great at the selfie, if there’s a photo to be taken we can’t be serious and so we tried to take a couple shot but we just look like we’re terribly constipated so I haven’t included it. The horse is better.

Right, well, I guess we all need to start enjoying being back at work now, hadn’t we?

*Weeps uncontrollably under desk.*

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