Bedroom style

We are in the early, fragile stages of buying our first flat. Obviously, I am completely carried away with the idea and I’ve started imaging the decor for each room. Let’s start with my favourite room, the bedroom, the home of sweet, sweet sleep.

Our room has one window that doesn’t get too much light, dammit Edwardian’s! There is a chimney breast that is closed up, which we are planning on opening to put in a fireplace surround to add some character. I’m not really one for white walls but in this particular case I think it will be the best way to bring light in. To liven it up a bit I’m thinking a Prussian blue painted fireplace, emerald green bedside cabinets and a few subtle splashes of gold to make our bedroom feel oh so luxurious.



Annie Sloan makes incredible chalk paints, I am in LOVE with the colour florence, as shown below:


I’m planning on painting these Ikea bedside tables and adding Zara Home handles (no longer in stock but they have some amazing insect ones, which unfortunately, I think are way cooler) to make them look well fancy.

TARVA Bedside table IKEA Made of solid wood, which is a hardwearing and warm natural material.

I haven’t run the whole blue fireplace idea by my roomie yet, so it may get vetoed. He’s currently worried that the flat will look too girly once I’m done with it. Weird, possibly. Girly, unlikely.

We will have to have a built in wardrobe to the side of the chimney breast and we already have a white chest of drawers and I might just goldify the handles. I don’t want to over-gold the place, the idea frightens me. But, I think a little bit of gold will make me feel rich and there is nothing better than making yourself feel wealthy when you’re not.

For the curtains I want one big fat curtain that ties to one side, nice and thick and heavy to create coziness at night. In my head I’m thinking velvet but firstly, I imagine velvet is pricey and secondly, I don’t think I’ll get that one past the veto gate. Despite that, here are some velvet curtains… luscious.


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