Resistance Free Chapters + Pre-Order

Resistance is now available for pre-order on Amazon as an ebook and in paperback. It’s already started getting great reviews on Goodreads from advance readers:

Rebellion series map

“The plot took me by surprise so many times and I would definitely recommend.”¬†Christine Spoors
“I already gushed about the main character, Cass in my review of Rebellion but she was back at it again in Resistance, and I just felt so proud of her. She’s kick-ass, she’s strong in a way that may not seem conventional, but she just has this immense willpower and spirit. She never backs out or backs down, she just gets up, dusts herself off, reevaluates and finds other ways to be the most useful. 10,000 thank yous to Josie for creating Cass the way she has.” Lauren Molyneux

You can also download the first few chapter for free here or on the homepage.

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