As I mentioned in my previous post, this year I will be going waaay out of my comfort zone and doing a video blog. If you’ve seen the weird comedy videos I do you might wonder why this makes me uncomfortable — I think it’s to do with being myself, instead of a character I created. So you will probably notice that I am a little awkward in my videos, a tad too formal, like I’m at a job interview… but, I will learn to relax in front of the camera and be myself.

What will I be vlogging about? Well, mostly self-publishing, as I want to help people navigate the process, as I do with this blog. I’ll occasionally do videos on writing as well and I will always be honest about the struggles I’ve faced as a writer and self-publisher (right word?!). The other videos I plan on doing will be a diary of sorts, that will essentially be a weekly (which may be optimistic, we’ll see) update on where I’m at with publishing Resistance. I’m hoping this will also be useful to first-time self-publishers as they’ll be able to see how I do things, the obstacles I face, how stressed I get as well (!) and what I find works and doesn’t work.

So, that’s the intention… I’ve started off by filming three videos so my channel doesn’t look too sparse but I won’t post as frequently, hopefully it will be, like I said, once a week.

Here are the new videos:

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