What I’m Writing

Recently I’ve been spending my days marketing Rebellion and my evenings either in total protest and refusing to do anything or doing some form of DIY. However, I have been finding time to write little bits here and there. Those little bits belong to two different books – writing two different books isn’t easy, however, because mine are so wildly different it’s going okay-ish.

On days when I’m feeling miserable I write Resistance (Rebellion #2), which is going to be very dark. My black little heart is swelling with evil joy. There isn’t a synopsis as such but I can give you a broad overview (do not read if you haven’t read Rebellion as it’s kinda spoilery):

After escaping the clutches of the GDO Cassia Fortis and Luca Kemei have joined the Resistance. In a small team they make their way to meet up with core of the Resistance joining the fight for freedom.

A young girl has been brought up by the GDO to be a killer. She’s ordered to follow Cassia and the rest of her unit and discover their plans. Could she be the weapon that prevents the Resistance from achieving their goals?

That’s right! NEW CHARACTER ALERT. And maaaaan, is she a good one.


T’other book I’m writing is the first book I ever, ever wrote, called More Than Human. It’s a SciFi comedy and so fun to write but seeing as I’m tired and miserable I’m leaning towards Resistance at the moment. The main character is called Everleigh and she is a  woman in her early 20s whose life changes unexpectedly. I can’t tell you any more about MTH as the core idea is too much of a spoiler and I need it fully written and ready for print before I can give any reveals. But, I can tell you it’s exciting, crude and funny, I’m really pleased how it’s coming along after I decided to start over. It’s more than I wanted it to be and I just want you to read it as I write because I’m that excited by it!

Which book do you want to read first? Resistance or More Than Human?


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