Design Mistakes – The Bathroom

I naively believed that with our new flat we would be so very experienced (after only one renovation under our belts) that we wouldn’t make any big mistakes. Honestly, I don’t know when I started to think we were Chip and Joanna Gaines but I was very delusional.



Let me start by explaining that our bathroom was REALLY hard to design. Because we have, quite possibly, the smallest shower room in the world (it’s only 1.2m wide), the planning was a huge headache. Knowing this we spent a long time figuring it out but there are three big mistakes.

Mistake One:


This is the biggest and most expensive so I’d like to get it out of the way. It’s the bespoke glass screen (which is beautifully made). Jules brilliantly suggested we have a shelf in the bathroom instead of building the wall out for pipes. This was inspired as the room feels a bit bigger and we have somewhere to put my thousands of products. Because of the shape this created we had to get a bespoke screen and we measured and re-measured to make sure it fit. It does fit, we got that part right but we were so worried we wouldn’t be able to get in the shower it’s about 10cm too short and so water goes everywhere. Can we live with it? Yes. Do I want to? No, not really and it’s not so much the water issue. I really like things to line up, it really jars me when they don’t and the screen doesn’t line up with the tile line in the center of the room and that really bothers me. It’s probably the wrong reason to be annoyed but there you go.

Mistake Two:


The shower tray is cr*p. It’s acrylic, even though I thought I was buying a wonderful re-inforced tray from Bathstore, who are so very over-priced, and because it is in fact just an acrylic tray and NOT re-inforced it’s pretty flimsy. I’m upset that VictoriaPlum only now have the shower tray I wanted in white because that one would actually be strong. The one we have is shallow, which is okay, except the way the waste fits means that the water doesn’t drain quickly and it turns into a paddling pool. Not ideal when you’re already flooding your bathroom. Yes, we can live with it but at the moment it’s still raw and I want to change it.

Mistake Three:


The mirror – this one is totally my bad, I bought it when I bought the shower tray and I must have been having a really dumb day because although it looks great, it opens out the wrong way and you can’t change the way it opens. This is definitely something we can live with but it will probably annoy me everyday until we move.

If we had the money I would definitely change the screen and the tray but for now we’re living with it and getting a very wet bathroom floor in the process.

The one success was our bathroom door. We bought an eclisse system and it works beautifully. The door was just a cheapo one I got online but it looks fantastic. Very happy with our teeny tiny entrance into our ridiculously small bathroom. When everything is actually finished I’ll post proper bathroom pictures, it may be a while as I no longer have any faith that our flat will ever get finished and I don’t have a clue where our camera might be.


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