Rebellion Release

Today is the day! Rebellion is out in the world and I am so grateful that I’m exhausted because it’s numbing any fear I might have over people actually reading my book. Oh no wait, I just felt it.

Rebellion kindle edition

It’s currently only out in e-book format as there’s been a delay with the proofs and I can’t very well release a book I haven’t checked. What if the cover is upside down? I was upset about the delay but then the glorious effects of little sleep stopped me from worrying too much about it. On the bright side I’ll have to do 2 more launches which means more freebies! Speaking of freebies…


You have until 11:59pm GMT to enter the Goodreads giveaway for a signed paperback copy (don’t worry, I’ll have a copy to send by the end of the week). Quick! Enter!

As for the exhaustion, I don’t recommend moving into an unfinished flat whilst launching your debut novel. I’m over paint and dust and finding those little things that really irritate you and the big things that make you just wish you could check into a hotel for a week and forget about it all (more on that in another post). But, that’s the tiredness talking, underneath that I’m ecstatic that I have a new home and I’m officially a published author! Yeah, you heard; PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

To those of you who have considered publishing your own work and are put off by it because it’s considered a vanity – don’t let that worry you, I’m fine with it and you should be too. If I seem vainglorious, so be it, I’m not ashamed of promoting my work and putting it out into the world. You shouldn’t be either and I urge you to have courage in your choices and to keep going. It is hard work and you already know how much I loathe formatting, but it’s worth it and I know that once you get where I am you’ll feel so darn proud of yourself!

You can order your e-copy of Rebellion on Amazon or Smashwords (for all other platforms).

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