Low-FODMAP Thai Green Curry

This is a new favourite at home and, I’m not sure if we’re super greedy but this feeds two… although the other day it fed four so… Yeah, we’re gluttons.

FullSizeRender (3)


For the paste you’ll need:

1 Green Chilli de-seeded (use half or less if you’re sensitive to spicy food)

2 Stalks of spring onion

A thumbs width of ginger (or a dessert spoon of chopped frozen ginger, which I LOVE)

Handful fresh coriander (half a small packet)

1 Lemongrass stalk, trimmed and outer layer removed

4 Kaffir lime leaves

1/2 tsp ground coriander

1 tbsp of gluten free light soy sauce

For the rest you’ll need:

400ml of coconut milk (don’t get the light stuff, it’s disgusting)

200ml of stock* –  don’t add more stock than this otherwise you’ll have sludge coloured curry

460g pack of Chicken thigh fillets (I prefer thigh as it has much more flavour but it’s a pain to trim and chop)

Serve with rice

For the veg you can choose any of the following:

Baby corn

Pak choi

Baby spinach



Red Pepper

Squeeze of lime

You’ll have to check with your dietitian if this is truly low-FODMAP diet friendly as a lot of the ingredients I couldn’t check. Remember, everyone is different when it comes to this diet so you may have to omit some things.

In a mini chopper – MY NEW FAVOURITE – or a food processor, add all the ingredients for the paste. Chop the lemongrass into smaller pieces as it’s pretty tough. Blitz and set aside. Fry your chicken pieces until golden. If you’re using baby corn add this is once the chicken is cooked and fry for a couple of minutes.

FullSizeRender (2)

Pour in your paste and quickly fry and then add your stock and coconut milk. Add your more hardy veg next – pepper or aubergine. Let them cook for a bit and then add courgette. At the last minute you want to add baby spinach or pak choi. And that’s it. So easy. Serve with rice, a squeeze of lime and some chopped coriander on top if you have someone fancy over.

FullSizeRender (4)

*for stock the best thing to do is to make it yourself. If you don’t have any the closest low-FODMAP one I can find is Kallo’s vegetable or chicken gluten and lactose free ones but they do contain onion.

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