The Vauxhall Griffin


The Griffin is our favourite haunt nearby, the food is reasonably priced and they don’t over-complicate the menu. On a Thursday there’s pizza, Friday burgers, Saturday brunch and Sunday a roast. Their halloumi burger changed my life and I now make them at home to rapturous applause from Mr. Brown. We loves a burger.

The food can be a little hit and miss, some days it’s just the best thing ever, others you wonder if the chef is on holiday and they’ve subbed in for the night. I feel mean saying that but just so you know, it’s never awful.

Their Sunday roast is a cure all, although Mr. Brown has decided that roast pork on a hangover isn’t that wise. We always enjoy the beef and chicken and can never finish, I might start asking for child portions. Their crispy parsnips and roasties are sooooo delish.


We always start with a shared Virgin Mary, it’s more like a soup than a drink. I’ve never had better, it’s worth visiting just for one of these.


As we’re soon to be leaving Vauxhall I thought it was time to share our favourite little haunt with its eclectic decor and cheerful staff. In an area where everything feels very London in price and decor, the Griffin stands its ground as a proper pub with good food to boot.

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