All about pyjamas

Continuing along my theme of the day, comfort, this post is about the ultimate comfort attire: pyjamas.

As soon as I get home from work I hop straight into my pjs, even when I only worked until 2pm. Those were the days. Here are my top PJ picks of the moment.

If you sleep in a sweatbox like I do then shorts are the way forward. I’m totally loving the jumper too:


Nightwear is about the only time you can confidently be ridiculous with your choice of print, like these swimmers pyjamas from Hush.


This little short combo would work nicely. Top:




If you like to look all sophisticated and sexy like Rosie then these are your pjs:


Just look at her, she makes pyjamas incredible.

Let’s get back to pyjama reality with these CARE BEARS ones. Phenomenal work Topshop:


Can’t go wrong with some blue pj bottoms:

hmprod (4)

If you feel the cold then these are the bottoms for you:

hmprod (5)

Sheep and sleep are pretty good partners:




And finally, for the ULTIMATE dressing gown, I give you The White Company. It’s hydrocotton people, HYDROCOTTON.

bath-time-new(No, I don’t know what hydrocotton is but it sounds INCREDIBLE.)

Some of you may be wondering where the onesies were, well, that’s a whole sub-genre of comfort and I will post about them soon.

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