New Fashion Favourites – & Other Stories

If you live in London and you haven’t yet ventured into & Other Stories at the top of Regent Street (opposite French Connection), you need to go in there. First of all, it is so big that I nearly had a panic attack. I didn’t know where to start but start I did and I was in love. Truthfully, it wasn’t my find, a friend suggested I go in there. I’ve yet to make a purchase because I’m only allowing myself browsing privileges at the moment. Here are a few of my top picks:


Slightly edgier work pumps. Simple but chic.

0188174001_2_100011 0188174002_2_100011

These are so pretty but at £165 I just can’t justify buying them…


If I could wear these without an allergic reaction (titanium only here) I’d buy them now.


While you’re being edgy you should get this bracelet as well.


The sleeves on this dress are really sweet.


Sadly these sunglasses didn’t suit me but I hope they suit you so you can get them.


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