Buttery Butter Dish

I did something naughty, I spent money on something I didn’t really need but had to have. I was in Anthropologie maybe, or maybe not, buying a birthday present for my sister (it’s her birthday a week today so I have to keep it a secret) and I saw this little beauty:

IMG_3266Butter was made to be put into a yellow dish as sweet as this one. I’ve been hiding it in the cupboard from my boyfriend, my guilt forcing me to squirrel it away. I don’t think I actually need to hide it, I really don’t think he’ll care that I bought it but until I get paid on Thursday I’m going to continue feeling bad about it and it can come out of hiding.

They don’t have it in yellow on their site and there were only two left in the shop. However, the blue and red ones are really sweet as well – mine was only £5.95 as it’s a small one.

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